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Sree Atveeshwara Swamiji initiated  the informal study and teaching of Sanskrit in the Caves of the Sree Siddaganga Mutt hillocks in the last quarter of 19th Century, with the help of a Sanskrit Scholar, Sree Nanjundashivayogi of Maidala.  Later Sree Uddanashivayogigalu formally established Sree Siddalingeshwar Sanskrit Veda Pathshale and a free Hostel in the year 1917. Thus also came into being the Sree Siddaganga Gurukula with the study and teaching of Sanskrit, a language with rich content of worldly knowledge. In most part of India many Gurukula have adopted to the teaching of Sanskrit as a practice of Indian systems of gurukula system of education.

In the first year of its establishment the Sanskrit pathshale has 20 students and a single teacher. Initially it was housed in the place where Sree Uddana Shivayogiji was seated and he would also be present when the classes were being engaged. It was a commendable effort of Sree Swamiji that the Language which was considered a distant dream to learn by all, he popularized it through the establishment of Sanskrit Pathshale and a free hostel for its students. It popularized Sanskrit leaning all over India and as an after effect many Sanskrit schools opened in Karnataka.  Swamiji encouraged learners not only by his divine presence during the classes, but offered incentives and gifts to those who passed with excellent grades.

In 1937, the school was upgraded as Sanskrit College . In 1949 it celebrated  the Silver Jubilee and in 1972, the Golden Jubilee. In the year 1979-80, out of 4000 student inmates in the Gurukula, nearly 2800 students were studying Sanskrit. The Vidwat stage of this study included subjects like, Logic, Grammer, Alankara,  Shakti-Vishishtadwaita, Vedanta and so on. During the period about 28 teachers were in service to teach these subjects. A new buildings, visibly located, as we enter the premises of the Sree Siddaganga Mutt, was constructed in the year 1955.  The Institution began only as a Sanskrit Pathshale in 1917 is now one of the Sanskrit institutions in the country, is reckoned as Sanskrit Veda-Mahashale, having a very large community of students in the Country.

His Holiness Dr. Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji was chiefly responsible for the extended development  of this Sanskrit School into a College in 1937. At present around 7000 students belonging to all communities are pursuing their studies in different branches of Sanskrit learning in this college, which is perhaps the biggest of its kind in the Country. Hundreds of graduates (Vidwans) from this college are serving the cause of the Sanskrit learning all over the country at various levels. The Library of the college has grown into a Research Centre in Oriental studies with its rare and valuable collections.

Of late, Sree Swamiji has started a number of Sanskrit schools in various rural parts of the state of Karnataka to popularize learning Sanskrit among the rural folk. The College has also other divisions such as, Veda Pathashale, Jyotishya Wing, Commercial wing and Kannada Pandit College of Education (Established in 1965), which has also been fostering learning Kannada, side by side, in its Kannada wing.

Sanskrit College and Patashalas at diffrent district

1] Tumkur district

2] Bangalore district
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