Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition
As mentioned earlier , during Sree Siddalingeshwara Fair, ensuing the Mahashivaratri festival, an Agriculture and Industrial Exhibition is organized for 15 days in the Math premises, which marks an added attraction to the fair. Combined with the aid of Audio-Visual presentations, it serves as a forum for the enhancement of the knowledge to the farmers, and is considered as a unique mode of imparting knowledge that reaches both literates and illiterates alike. Dr.Sree Sree Sivakumar Swamiji, who has deep concern for the rural folk and who is always thinking of betterment of their quality of life, started this unique mode of dissemination of knowledge and communication of information in the form of a Trade fair in the year 1964. Began in an humble and miniature scale has now grown into a giant annual event of the Math and is now regarded as one of the well known and major events of the kind in the whole last 44 years, being a part of the Sree Siddalingeshwara car festival, is now attracting a very large number of farmers, public and pilgrims, of which majority are from rural areas.

The main purpose of organizing this Exhibition to bring to the knowledge of the people, and to impress upon them, about the recent developments in industry, agriculture, health, horticulture, forestry, sericulture, irrigation, education, animal husbandry, fish culture, women and child welfare, khadi and village industry, transportation and many more areas and sectors across the State and country as a whole. The State and country as a whole. The Satate and Central Government departments, and private associations and organizations also participate in this exhibition by opening their stalls who receive immense appreciation from the visitors. The exhibition provides for the display and sales of domestic goods and appliances and for the best displays and stalls, mementos and prizes are awarded to encourage their continued participation every year. The farming community, city folks from Tumkur town, and school and college students have been immensely benefited by visiting the exhibition. This exhibition also receives help, support and cooperation from the Tumkur Zilla Panchayat and from the State Government equally.

Cultural Programmes

In the open open air theatre of the Exhibition premises, everyday in the evening, cultural events like, music, recital of vachans, Bharat Narta, Yakshagana and dramas are organized and they are attended by a large number of visitors and pilgrims who have come to witness the exhibition. Through this exhibition, under the guidance of Reverend Sree Sree Swamiji, literate and illiterate people of the State have the privilege of acquriring special knowledge from the above. Those who wish to give cultural programmes are required to contact the Secretary in this regard, whose cell numbers are given at the end of this