General Rules and Conditions

  1. Cleanliness should be maintained inside and outside the stalls.
  2. Exhibitors and their staff should behave courteously and politely with the Committee members, staff and the public in general.
  3. Consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages is forbidden in the exhibition premises.
  4. Gambling, lucky-dip and other similar games and competitions should not be conducted in any of the stalls or in the exhibition area.
  5. Explosives and similar other dangerous materials, as perrules, are banned from storing in the stalls.
  6. To use a Kerosene stove in the stalls, the prior permission of the committee has to be sought.
  7. Any damage or loss to individual or materials, the committee is not responsible.
  8. Exhibitors should in sure for their belongings against theft, mob-ransack and fire.
  9. The exhibition committee has made some security arrangements, however the entire responsibility of protection of their belongings livs with the respective exhibitors.
  10. Each Exhibitor should confine their presentation to the premises and dimensions of the stalls allotted to them and should not cause any kind of disturbance to the other exhibitors.
  11. There should be sufficient room space for the public to visit and watch the exhibition. The passages in front of the stalls should be exclusively meant for the public use and that should not be used by the exhibitors or the erection of sales counterperson, and it is totally forbidden, and the committee has a right to forfeit such extraneous arrangements in such cases.
  12. The stalls selling Food and beverage items, and eatables should maintain cleanliness and healthy surroundings.
  13. The exhibitors and the staff working in the stalls are issued Identity Cards(Pass) to enter the Exhibition venue, through the entrance gate. To obtain the Pass duly completed separate application forms should be submitted to the Committee Office one week in advance.
  14. Such gate passes are not transferble at any cost.
  15. Exhibitors and visitors should present/show such gate passes if demanded by at the entrance gate.
  16. Exhibitors should park their vehicles in the parking area only after 4.00pm. After4.00pm no movement of vehicles, or transportation of goods by the exhibitors is allowed as it would causes inconvenience to the public visiting the exhibition.
  17. The exhibitors should transport exhibition materials and other goods related to the respective stalls before 4.00pm.
  18. For the stall members and their assistants, free meals are served everyday between 1.00pm & 2.00pm and between 8.00pm &9.00pm within the exhibition premises. Separate food passes are issued for this purpose.
  19. If any one forces to enter the exhibition without the Identity card or pass issued for the purpose, disciplinary action will taken against such persons and individuals.
  20. The issue of entrance tickets will be stopped half an hour earlier before the conclusion of the cultural programmes everyday.
  21. The Exhibition committee has the right to change the Lay-out plan of the Exhibition area.
  22. Awards and prizes will be given to the best stall for the decoration and display of their products and stalls by the respective exhibitors.
  23. All exhibitors will be given Certificates of Merit for taking part in the exhibition.
  24. Poojya Sree Sree Swamijis has the right to resolve the disputes if any that occur during the period of exhibition.
  25. The decision of the Exhibition committee is final.