objectives of the Agricultural & Industrial Exhibition

  1. Audio-visual presentation for spreading the industrial information and knowledge to rural people.
  2. Exhibition and sale of industrial products.
  3. To spread knowledge among the farmers about crop varieties and to encourage them to bring them into practice.
  4. Propagating new areas of research in agriculture
  5. Techniques of modern farming to increase yield.
  6. Public awareness on the Conservation of water and its economic use.
  7. Idea on the lrrigation projects, water resources and the economic use of water for irrigation.
  8. Workishopls and seminars to farmers arranged with experts in agriculture.
  9. Exhibitiopn and sale of cottage industry produces by Women's organizations.
  10. Recent Develeopmental activities of different government departments in the field of agriculture.
  11. Use of Solar energy and awareness on energy conservation.
  12. To creare awareness to conserve and growth of forest produces, medicinal plants and the protection of wild animals.
  13. Scientific and technical exhibits to benefit school and college students and the teachers.
  14. Promoting rural culture, folk art and expose the talents of artisans and artists.
  15. Cultural and entertainment programmes for farmers and public.